What's In A Name

Although Anchor Appraisal Service is a new name, our owner/appraiser Donal Sue Browning, has been providing real estate appraisals for over twenty years.  Donal worked as a staff appraiser for thirteen years prior to opening her own business in 1994.  Formerly, Ferguson Appraisal Service, Donal made the decision to change the name of her company to Anchor Appraisal Service at the end of 2012. 


Why Anchor?  The meaning is two fold.


Construction - Since real estate appraisal is all about construction, the FOUNDATION of any structure is of the utmost importance to the structural integrity.  Anchor bolts are often utilized in the construction of the foundation. 


Faith Commitment - We unashamedly profess to have a strong faith and believe that our lives as well as our business must be "anchored" to the Rock, Christ Jesus. 


While our faith is not a part of the appraisal of real estate, our faith does provide the basis for our character and our commitment to provide service of honesty and integrity in all we do. 

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